Friday, May 22, 2009

Post #100

So here it is, the centesimal post!

And there I was, in a half-lit room, battling with the Moose horn to horn! OK, so the room was actually rather bright. And it was not the Moose himself, nor even his agents, but his dupes who stood against me. And we didn't use horns--that was a metaphor.

But the fact remains that I went into the very lion's den (our local library), to a discussion group, and argued for a good forty-five minutes that moral absolutes exist. Against the notion that claiming to have truth is arrogant I threw out the idea that refusal to see truth is arrogant.

And the beauty part? They paid me to do it. Hate to admit to being on the Moose's payroll, but the irony is too delicious to keep to myself.


JohnnyJoe said...

I am certain you have had more run-ins with the Moose tribe since May.

Must we wait much longer to hear of the latest MOOSCPADES?

非凡 said...

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